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Although Mihawk stands before him, Luffy knows he has no time to fight Mihawk, and bursts past him with his Super-Human Speed. However, Hawk-Eyes, peering through the crowd, manages to point out Luffy, and swings his blade forward, slashing Luffy, as well as all those between the two. After sending Luffy careening into a wall, Mihawk pursues after him, attempting to impale him. However, two Newkama soldiers get in the way of Mihawk, who brushes them aside with little effort.

We hardly learn anything about her as a person and she is such a brat that I can’t stand every moment that she is on screen. Like most bad shows, the anime attempts to throw incest into the mix, and it comes across as so forced and disgusting. I also just hate the general excuse of «oh! They’re not related by blood, so it’s fine!». To me, this aspect of the show baffles me, and I’ve never understood the appeal of little sisters in anime. Anime Planet is one of the best platforms to find and stream free anime series.

So far, Netflix’s network has held up quite well from the strain, as site the service has traditionally been fairly reliable. There was a brief outage on March 25, lasting about an hour, that affected some but not all customers in the U.S. and Europe, but overall Netflix has held up during the coronavirus period. The company was one of many tech giants that agreed to throttle speeds in the European Union, but Netflix has not made a similar move in the U.S., likely because the government has not asked them to do so. You are advised to use this tag carefully since search engines will not crawl all links from your webpage. Finding and fixing broken links on your webpage will help both user experience and search engine rankings. Animeflix – your number one source for FREE anime, subbed and dubbed.


The game is an action game that will not make you bored because it has a lot of things to do. After dying as a result of God’s mistake, the main character finds himself in a parallel world, where he begins his second life. His only possessions are the body that God gave back to him and a smartphone that works even in this new world. As he meets all kinds of new people and forges new friendships, he ends up learning the secret to this world.

  • I think your website is the best website in the world because there is a lot of good content available.
  • The characters in Magical Girl Site are all one-dimensional edgelords as they are all tropey as hell as well being very unlikeable fools.
  • And he still doesn’t learn his lesson until he deals with love.

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I think it’s easy to pinpoint her intentions after watching her reactions from just the first episode alone. Nonetheless, the initial beginning will test the audience on whether they should continue or not. For me, I decided to give this show a chance to see if it improves. If you are a die-hard fan of Dragon Ball or Naruto Shippuden then you should definitely check out this addition in the list of anime download sites.

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